Production Manager
Saudi Arabia
Bromley - UK
Market Rates

Plans, supervises and coordinates the operation of the PET plant. Includes responsibility for ensuring that short and medium term production targets are met at a minimum cost consistent with specified production quality standards, coordinating with Safety, Plant Engineering, Process Engineering, & Maintenance staff to ensure that adequate resources are brought to bear on plant problems, interfacing with outside company resources and coordinating long range plan and development of both production facilities and personnel.


a. Supervises the activities of assigned personnel in PET production department. Carries out supervisory duties and exercises financial authority at the level established by management for the position.
b. Exercises general responsibility of the safety of the PET plant and personnel. Establishes administrative procedures to ensure that process safety systems are adequate and properly maintained. Critically reviews, evaluates and authorities proposed changes to plant shutdown systems. Establishes and maintains overall emergency procedures and oversees emergency training in cooperation with Safety Department. Acts as Emergency Field Director in case of PET plant emergency.
c. Oversees the operation of the PET production unit. Includes setting priorities consistent with department and plant goals, assigning projects, setting targets for projects and following through to their successful completion. Examples: overseeing the preparation of operating procedures, carrying out safety audits, etc.
d. Coordinates the preparation of PET plant operating budget and monitor performance on a regular basis to ensure the plant is operating safely and profitably.
e. Coordinates with Technical and Maintenance personnel to ensure that adequate resources are brought to bear on unit problems. Includes setting priorities, providing technical leadership, appraising alternative approaches to the solution of problems, committing and planning resources, setting deadlines and following up to successful completion.
f. Interfaces with other company resources, outside technical resources, other chemical plants and the corporate office. Includes reviewing and discussing general operations, production projects, and inventories, discussing technical problems and requesting expertise and technical advice and support.
g. Participate in long- range resources planning in support of identified production plans. Includes determining future manpower needs and ways to achieve manpower objectives for the successful operation of the plant, providing input for planning purposes in support areas such as Maintenance and Technical and determining the needs for equipment expansion and modification.
h. Coordinates the manpower training and developments of Saudi nationals for the unit. Includes identifying manpower developments needs, implementing programs as required, carefully monitoring progress and coordinating with Training staff as required.
i. Coordinates plant operation on weekends and holidays. Reviews plant progress and problems each problems each day and coordinates resolution of special problems in conjunction with the Unit Supervisor.
j. Responsible for carrying out his duties to the highest quality standards, to be aware of company’s quality program, and to be aware of and to comply with his department’s standard operating procedures.
k. Carries out other similar or related duties as required.
l. Ensures that all activities in his area are carried out in accordance with the requirements as defined in the Environmental Management System (EMS) Manual.


Frequent contacts at own level or next higher level with all concerned department personnel for exchanging information, seeking service and/or technical support and discussing problems related to plant operations. Frequent contacts with other Affiliate companies and/or joint venture companies for discussing and reviewing activities and seeking advice.


Performs duties in accordance with established production objectives and specific work programs. Reacts independently in amending operating conditions to alleviate problems or optimize production. Major decisions are taken after consultation with General Manager, Operations. Keeps Supervisor advised of work progress. Completed work is subject to review by Supervisor.


Unit Superintendent (1)
Operations Engineer (2)
Operations Specialist (1)
Department Secretary (1)

Total Subordinates (direct and indirect):
75 employees


B.S. in Chemical Engineering
Related Work Experience (type and years)
Min. of 15 years of experience in process and production of PET units
Min. of 5 years managerial experience.
Must have good oral and written communication skills in the English language.
Alan Tupper
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