Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer - Maintenance
Saudi Arabia
Bromley - UK
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Position Title: Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer
Reports To: MECH Section Manager
Department: Basics Maintenance
Section: Mechanical

Monitors the Quality/Performance of rotating equipment in the plants; insure the enhancement of its performance and availability for the safe operating.

Key Accountabilities:

Data Analysis:
- Maintains and analyses the equipment parameters readings of the major maintenance activities, takes necessary actions in coordination with the concerned department. In addition, utilize the existing systems (System-1, SAP, Meridum, any other.
Performance Indicators:
- Accuracy of analyses.
- Improved equipment efficiency.

Reliability Assurance:
- Follows up on maintenance of rotating equipment to ensure the quality and checks the data before and after the repairs. Performs checks on all rotating equipment after repairs or overhauls.
- Prepares and issues rotating equipment inspection reports.
- Works with maintenance team to ensure recession practices in installation of rotating machinery and in particular alignment and balancing, precision installation of piping and infrastructure.
- Commissions the equipment after shutdowns in coordination with Production, using applicable technologies e.g vibrations analyses, motor current data, oil analysis, etc. against applicable acceptance criteria.
- Works with purchasing team to improve the specifications for reliability improvement.
- Works with Warehouse to assure precision and quality storage of equipment and spares.
- Leads and participates in root cause analysis.
- Provides techno-economic solutions to strategic plant issues, for achieving a high rate of reliability and availability.
- Support the turnaround maintenance and provide effective scope, quality assurance and pre-commissioning support.
Performance Indicators:
- Reduced maintenance cost.
- Improved equipment efficiency.

Overhauls and Shutdowns:
- Ensure critical equipment reliability by properly scheduling overhauls and shutdowns.
- Reviews data recorded during shutdowns inspection, compare it with specification data and take necessary actions in coordination with concerned department.
- Follows up on quality control of all equipment being repaired at outside shops.
Performance Indicators:
- Improved equipment efficiency, reliability and availability.
Directions to Subordinates:
- Organizes and supervise the activities and work of subordinates to ensure that all work within a specific area of Maintenance activities is carried out in efficient manner consistent with operating procedures and policies.
Performance Indicators:
- Audit of compliance versus procedures and policy.
- Cost efficiency of the area.

Cost Reduction:
- Focuses on improving the up-time/minimizing production lessees and the causes of those losses via systematic analyses. Carry out the Root Cause Failure Analyses, develop plan for eliminating these losses, assure plans approval and then facilitate implementation.
Performance Indicators:
- Cost savings.
- Enhanced profitability.

Policies and Procedures:
- Recommends improvements to departmental procedures and directs the implementation of instruction and controls covering a specific area of maintenance activities so that all relevant procedural/statutory equipment are fulfilled while providing a quality and cost-effective services to customers.
Performance Indicators:
- Compliance with procedural and legislative requirement.
- Effective communication of procedures and instruction.

Safety, Quality and Environment:
- Ensure compliance with all relevant safety, quality and environmental management procedures and standards within defined area of Maintenance Activities to guarantee employees safety, statutory compliance, delivery of high quality products and services in accordance with responsible environment altitude.
Performance Indicators:
- Frequency of ISO:9001 non-conformities.
- Frequency of ISO:14001 non-conformities.
- Frequency of LTIs , Safety incidents and near-misses.

Job Context:
The incumbent reports to Basics Maintenance Section Manager. The primary responsibility of the incumbent is to manage and ensure the quality of rotating equipment in the plant. And as a part of his/her job, contributes widely to the decision making process regarding outages and resource utilization. The job requires constant fieldwork 60-40%. Field and Control Room visits required to conduct inspections/equipment monitoring.

Communications and Working Relationships:
- Maintain good communications with other departments and equipment manufacturers.
- Provide training on specific subjects to Operations & Maintenance.
- Assure smooth information exchange with peers.
- Assure continues support and sharing knowledge with department/company staff.
- Members of external technical resources and institutes.
- Certified in ASME or API or OSHA as applicable.
- Participate in seminars and technical meetings.

Frameworks, Boundaries & Decision Making:
- This role operates under the direction of Maintenance Basics Sections Manager – MECH.
- The incumbent is free to make day-to-day plans and decisions concerning supervisor of ongoing operational issues within a framework of set operational policies and procedures.
- Major and/or exceptional issues must be referred to his/her superior for direction/approval.
- Responsible for analyzing equipment data and taking necessary actions to predict and prevent failures.
- Actively contributes to Eureka and Camel programs.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills:
• BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering or higher.
• 10+ Years in operating plants.
Job Specific Skills:
• Certified as Vibrations Engineer – I, II & III.
• General understanding of rotating equipment troubleshooting and repairs.
• General understanding of Maintenance/Reliability methods and applications.
• General understanding of GE System-I monitoring and analyses methods.
• Detailed knowledge of planned maintenance schedules.
• Understanding of time and resources utilization principles.
• Board understanding of relevant processes, plant and equipment regarding rotating equipment.
Generic Skills:
• Worked in Maintenance/Reliability for 5+ Years.
• Experience and knowledge in project planning, cost control, contract development, equipment installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and start-ups.
• Highly motivated and self-driven with the ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines.
• Organizational and leadership skills to motivate, set goals and follow-up.
• Effective verbal and written communications along with organizational and time management skills.
• Capable of being team player/team member/team leader with good interpersonal skills and demonstrated flexibility and adaptability to fast paced environment.
• Computer literacy.
Minimum Experience:
• 5+ Years’ experience of rotating equipment data analyses.
• Experience of maintenance planning using MS Project.
• Experience of SAP R3.
Interpersonal Skills:
• Very Good English language. Excellent in technical reports writings.
• Very Good at health and Safety Systems.
• Very Good at data gathering and analyses.
• Very Good at Computer and MS Office applications.
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